Welcome to Cookrec!!

We review all sorts of other review and comparison sites, so you can make sure that the website you choose to based your opinion off of is actually a real and legit site!!


Why Did We Create This Site?

This site was created because we were tired of going to review sites for help on making a decision on a particular product or service we were interested in, and found out all the site cared about was making a profit from our purchase, not giving a legit review for financial reasons, or was just a fake site to begin with. All of these examples have happend to us here at cookrec, and for those reasons, we decided to put a spin on the traditional review sites by reviewing the review sites! Funny huh?!

How To Use The Site?

To use this site, just head over to our Articles page, and check out all of our reviews on various comparison and review sites. The sites we review are mostly the ones that review Amazon products, but there are a few exceptions to this. If you find this site helpful, please feel free to like our Facebook page and share on all of the social media platforms!